Volunteering does not need to be done with an organization to make it official. This is a common misconception when people give service to others. The value of appreciation varies where it comes from. But this is only true for teens and adult volunteers. For little volunteers like kids, service as a normal way of living is volunteerism. Every deed is an accomplishment big or small, with an organization or without.

Although it is highly encouraged to partner with volunteer organizations for a more organized and achieved goal, a volunteer parent can start at home in leading their children by example.

Kids, especially toddlers are not ready for real-world experiences in volunteering, hence we come up with a bunch of lists on how to make volunteering happy and free for children. Volunteering does not need to be in grand gestures for children to learn it well. A simple act of reaching out to other families in volunteer work.

1. Adopt a dog from dog shelters. Giving your kid a pet teaches her how to be responsible and caring. You kids will not only have fun in playing with their pet, but they will also know the value of life and how to conserve it by raising a dog.

2. Visit a “Grandfriend” Regularly. In your community, bring your kids when you visit the elderly. This will teach them how to connect with the most sensitive people. Your kids can play and sing with them too!

3. Grown your own Garden. Growing your own food in your own backyard is sustainability. Encourage your kids to plant their own veggies. By this, they will appreciate every food that is served in the table.

Also, teach them to donate the extra produce of their garden to those people who do not have a garden space.

4. Donate outgrown clothing. Teaching kids to donate is a good way for them to learn how to share. Through this your kids will learn how to take care of their clothing, knowing that there are other kids could use it after.

5. Volunteer in groups or families. Children can do volunteer works with other kids. This will strengthen their will and interest in volunteering. That they are not the only kids doing it because actually, they are all in this together.

These simple activities would not only make volunteering fun. It will also instill in our kids’ hearts and minds that service is a natural act to live a humane society. Also, take note, science supports that kids devoted to volunteer works grow up as happy individuals. As parents, we just want the best for our kids. So, if you are looking for a way to show your kids how to be good people, let them, volunteer. As Ann Frank have said in her diary “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” So, let’s support them in doing good! Kids do not just learn when we preach, they learn best when we work and they see it.